Lesbian for a Year

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What's it like to date a woman?

What happens when a young heterosexual woman wakes up one morning with a splitting hangover and a naked woman wrapped around her? She kisses goodbye to her unfulfilling and messy straight life to embrace this surprising new direction.

And so began Brooke Hemphill’s experiences dating women. From a lesbian reality show and wild Mardi Gras parties to an illicit affair and a broken heart, Brooke learns more than she bargained for on her journey toward intimacy.

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Lesbian for a Year

The readers are saying...

I can relate so much to your story, it's refreshing to see it articulated.

An interesting look at something I am quite familiar with. Enjoyed reading it.

OMG I've finished! You've made me giggle and made me cry!

I am about half way through your book, Brooke. I love it. I identify with a lot. My experiences with partying and women are exactly the same! I'm going to stay up and finish it.

This was a wonderful read. Shows how our experiences in life can guide us in the right direction. Good work!

This is a very well written book. Humorous as well as serious and thought provoking. The author raises some valid questions regarding sexuality. Would recommend